Greg Zimmerman, DVM

Dr Greg Zimmerman is our fearless leader and owner along with his wife Rosemary. They took over the clinic 40years ago and have expanded it and moved it to its current location. He has had a passion for flight since he was little and spends his free time flying and entertaining his grandkids. Currently they live with the happiest 3-legged Boston terrier Emmie who patrols the back yard for any stray sticks and brings them to the back door. He has lived his life like the willow tree and tries to just go where the wind blows, adjusting and bending where needed which has served him well in business and life. He reminds clients that not everything you read online is true.

Paul Graettinger, DVM

Dr Paul Graettinger started working at APVC in May 1992 (26 years ago!!) and we feel so lucky to have him as part of our family for this long. He lives in Muscatine with his wife and two children (when they are not at college) along with his Goldendoodle Pearl and 3 cats Ellington, Scarlett and Chloe. He has always been an avid swimmer and enjoys all things water. His approach to life is ‘Moderation in all things’ and that has served him well. His advice to clients is to NEVER ignore dental health, it is just as important as diet or vaccines.

Dani Schlapkohl

Dani Schlapkohl joined APVC in August 2017 as a part of her vet assistant schooling and has truly become an asset to our team. She loves animals and if she wasn’t working at a vet clinic would love to be at a boarding facility so she could interact with animals all day. Dani lives with her 3 cats: Lucky, Socks and Max, along with a rabbit named Rosie. Her motto is to ‘never give up on your dreams’ and she is doing that daily.

Lisa Nissen

Ms Lisa Nissen who we all know and love has been with APVC since 2009 and is the rock of the clinic, she can answer all your questions and remember details of your pets that even sometimes you may have forgotten. We couldn’t get through our day without her! She is a great cat mamma to Tommy, Lucifer, Nibbles, Sheba, Sam and Mia along with all the other pets that she watches while their owners are away. She encourages everyone to ‘use common sense’ and can’t stress the importance of regular checkups so diseases can be caught early and hopefully treated or managed.

Christina Hatfield

Christina Hatfield has been with us since Oct 2017 and has been a welcomed addition. She would love to own a rescue someday but in the meantime lives with her 6 fish, of which there is a Chinese algae eater named General Soa and a beta fish named Beetlejuice. She would love for everyone to ‘just be nice’ and reminds all pet owners to use flea and tick preventive on a regular basis.

Tiara Phillips

Tiara Phillips started with APVC in February 2017, she is currently a student working to get her degree to do research in animal medicine. She lives with her two cats named Cricket and Mushu who make studying a bit more enjoyable. ‘Do what makes you happy’ is her approach to life and it has served her well so far. Her tip to clients is to remind them that Iowa law states that if you get your dogs Rabies vaccine done on or before the due date it can be a 3year vaccine so pay attention to those postcards!!